Call for Participation
Interested participants can submit a one or two page visual/drawing of an artefact related to their research interest, with annotations about how it could be reinterpreted or altered. Alternatively, participants can submit a one page annotated visual presenting a research or design project that is somehow related to the workshop’s theme.

We will use the submission as a brief introduction at the workshop. This will be followed by a day of drawings and conversations.

We encourage broad participation, including from those with little or no expertise in  drawing, and especially wellcome applications from researchers and practitioners working in or interested in areas such as:

-Experimental design methods
-Drawing as research
-Research through design: artefacts as knowledge production
-Speculative and critical design
-Ambiguity and defamiliarization
-Visualizations as design methods
-Ideation and futuring techniques
-Aesthetic interactions

Submissions should be sent before 12th May to and

Accepted participants will need to register to our workshop via the C&C conference website.